Sunday, September 03, 2006

When the mask slips

In early middle age something interesting happens.

Suddenly many people look mean and ugly.

What happened?

They no longer have enough energy to smile and also hide the anger and degradation inside.

The energy that they had to conduct life and to present a smiley image to the world deserted them.

There is now only enough energy for one or the other and nature decided that running the system is more important than smiley make believe.

Suddenly the world sees how you really are.

Notice how many ugly and mean people there are in middle age?

Moral to this sad tale?

Smile not because it is some game you play.

Smiling is to express pleasure, a love of life.

Not just a game of make believe.

Be real, be true or when your mask slips as it surely must you will be just another mean old person!

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