Sunday, November 05, 2006


Is giving oneself free licence to seek the satisfaction of all one's desires.

Whether one realises it or not this is the path that most people follow.

However there is no one in the universe whose desires are always fulfilled.

In whose life everything that is wished for happens and nothing that is not wished for does not happen.

People who follow this path invariably suffer when they fail to achieve their desires.

That is they experience disappointment and dissatisfaction.

But here's the kicker they suffer equally when they get what they want.

Because they worry that the desired object will vanish and that the moment of satisfaction will be temporary, as in fact it must be.

In chasing and getting their desires they must always be unhappy because nothing lasts.

Without becoming conscious of this they are just going from one high and low to another................. without end.

Our point?

A life spent doing this is in many respects a life wasted.

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