Saturday, November 25, 2006

Women's choice

Are drawn to pretty.

Not only pretty but soft

And colourful.

Cute even and maybe cuddly.

Any wonder they are not so interested in crude and violent things?

Crude and violent is that naturally feminine?

Or is this a male induced thing?

A money earning thing?

Why are so many women playing this game?

Women do your own thing.

Leave men to do theirs.

Maybe one day men will also grow beyond crude and violent things.


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea to leave some things for men and do our feminine part of the task, but...this can happen only if there are men around to do male part. What if there are no men in a woman's life, no men's support, do we have to still survive? What then? We should suffer doing our half and dreaming about men doing their we have to take both roles and be superwomen?

Antony said...

When we are alone for sure things are different not necessarily better or worse just different.
When we are in relationship we have one set of challenges and when out another.
So whichever you find yourself in local condtions apply!