Monday, December 04, 2006

Why black?

So many people wear black clothing

It doesn't show the dirt some say.

It is flexible others say.

For some it is a religious diktat.

For others it is mourning.

Indeed why is black the colour of mourning?

Because it is a sombre expression?

Maybe that's why so many in politics and business chose it, to give the illusion of gravitas.

For many it is a reflection of their feelings.

Black is not a good colour to wear all the time.

Anyway you look at it there is a negative component.

Black is not conducive to good health.

Over time the wearing of black affects the wearer.

Often people who are angry and frustrated wear black.

So before wearing black more than once in a while look at your emotions.

Does back really express what you feel?

Black can be really black!

1 comment:

l'amoureux de KT said...

well, a) black is slimming [at least, in my universe!] and b) half the world considers white to be the color of mourning...

I like black because it absorbs heat from the sun better on cold days [up here, that's a big thing!]

But your post makes me think, so for that, I thank you muchly.