Sunday, January 07, 2007

10,000 women

Signed up for the Formula Woman motoracing championship in Britain in 2004.
Yes 10,000 young women signed up to try for sixteen places on the grid..
Since that time more women have become involved in motoracing and the series is going from strength to strength.
Time is now for women to start breaking the old male ideas about women in motoracing.
Susie Stoddart is one such and is already proving every bit as capable as the young men.
Question can she and others attract the needed sponsorship without which neither men nor women
can advance in motoracing?
We hope so it is time to break some moulds.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Antony! I hope many men will help these ladies and so move along the 21 century tide!

Antony said...

Inevitable, the new economic possibilities that is.........sad but this is how so many new things emerge. Not because of their intrinsic value but their economic potential.