Friday, February 23, 2007

Britons and Religion

Today 82% of British people feel that religion causes tension, where two thirds of the British are not religious.

They are correct.

Throughout history more wars and fighting have been caused by or in the name of religion than anything else.

Religion curiously talks about love while being responsible for hate and violence.

Religion does not follow the teachings of it's founders.
Religion is split into a myriad number of different branches all claiming the truth.

If two thirds of the British are not religious then what do they believe?

Answer they don't know because the alternatives on offer are equally uninspiring.

Dawkins and Darwinism do not offer credible alternatives nor can they answer fundamental questions such as -

How and when did consciousness evolve?
How to explain the evidence of reincarnation?

Nor do born again Christians, or the various other options on offer answer to questions such as -

If God is loving and merciful then how come he accepts continuing genocide on planet Earth?

Alternatively look at the teachings of Gautama Buddha and the perennial wisdom, which are the same.

Not modern Buddhism which has many sects and has different interpretations of Gautama Buddha's teaching.

This teaching makes sense, is coherent and does answer all those questions that the others do not.

There is nothing else that does.
Maybe it is time for modern people to examine these teachings.
Maybe time to think for ourselves.
Maybe time to let religion die of its own contradictions.

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