Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kinetic energy

Take that pill or medication in your left hand

Hold it by your liver

That's under your right armpit, just down a bit.

Hold your left thumb and and first finger of your right hand in a circle

Hold them pressed tightly together.

Ask your friend to try pulling them apart

While out loud you say is this pill or what you are holding good for me?

Do this several times while observing the force needed to pry your fingers apart.

Put the pill down after learning the pressure it needs to pull your fingers apart.

Then ask out loud is my name Fred or Susan or some name that is not yours.

Notice the strength needed to pull your fingers apart is less.
So now test those pills and supplements for their value to you.

Practice and soon you will see how well it works

Work it does.


Now that's something else for another day.

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