Saturday, March 10, 2007

Family games

Are often not very nice ones

There is usually an alpha male and female somewhere

Observe the games they play

Often quite brutal

Do you get involved?

Are you one?

Want to continue silly games?

You might many families do

Alternatively opt out

Be correct and charming to all

Stay uninvolved in game play

Lead your life free from nastiness
Do not play family games they are bad for your health


Queenie said...

These sound very negative families.The families I have seen play together, enrich their siblings with love and kindness. Surly this can only be good for their health?

Antony said...

Yes, however many of the patients who come to us have horrific family experiences, which have seriously damaged them and their lives.

Queenie said...

I have worked with people who have been damaged by their surroundings. So sad....