Sunday, March 11, 2007

Money as it really is

There is a problem attendant upon accumulating money.

Very few people are born with the ability to accumulate wealth who at the same time do have not a love for it or a large estimate of its power.

For the karma that gives them the ability and drive to accumulate it carries with it the other qualities generally found in wealthy people, impelling them to require something in return for expenditure.

This over time makes them cynical in their relations with others who have less than they.

Paranoia also eats away at them because they never know if people like them or their money.

Money creates division in their families and children.

The accumulation and retention of money requires ongoing time and attention.

A life devoted to it one might say.

So really any way you look at it money is a problem.

Funny thing is that this is not new and has been so throughout history.

Why then do otherwise intelligent people go down a road that leads to loneliness and emptiness?

A road where at the end of their days they cannot take it with them.

There are other things we can do with our lives.

Let your choices be healthy ones.
Use your imagination to search out how others have chosen to use their lives
Consider these options
See money as it really is.


Queenie said...

I agree materialism, seems to have become significant to many. Maybe this is how some learn, the true value of their worth!!

Antony said...

Maybe also how it only takes you so far