Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is there?

Any approach so rational, so just, so impartial, so elevating, so motivating as that presented by the perennial or ageless wisdom?

Artificial distinctions and conceptions are wholly expunged.

Fanciful ambitions have absolutely no place.

Mechanical devices are completely absent.

The root of all separations and enmities - selfishness - is exposed and denounced.

The inflexibility of moral law is declaimed.

The realization of individual aim is made entirely individual.

Insuring that not an item is lost in the long account each man runs up in his many lives.

Handing over to each the determination and the acquirement of his chosen aim.

The perennial wisdom does what no other system has done or can do -

Affirms the moral consciousness, vindicates the moral sense, spurs the moral motive.

So it is both practical and practicable.
Don't know what we are talking about?
It's the truth about our history
Our heritage
Yes really there is a record of everything it's known as the perennial wisdom
Have a look

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