Friday, March 23, 2007

Nature beckons

For many years we are too young

For other years probably too old

For many too distracted

We might have eighty years plus or minus in all to experience this life

That leaves only thirty five or so

Thirty five years to do what?

To be conscious of nature
The greatest show on earth
Just thirty five times thats all

To make the effort to learn about her

To be conscious of how things are

How many will go out and notice something as simple as leaves growing


We cannot create leaves as nature can

All over the Northern or Southern hemisphere at the same time
The explosion that is springtime.
You will only have thirty five or so times where you can pay full attention so don't waste this year's.

Ever thought how much energy spring takes?

The miracle of nature is something that deserves your attention

Just this year notice how things grow
How they perpetuate themselves.

The intelligence at work

This we are told started with a random interaction of chemicals at some point in our distant past
Or so some scientists would have us believe

And the tooth fairy is real too
Too much intelligence
Too much complexity
For this to be random anything
Nature is intelligence
Hierarchy too
Consciousness as well
Respect nature and wonder how does it all interact in the way it does

Then notice what we are doing to it

Any wonder things are more and more unstable?

Enjoy nature while we can.
Go further make your contribution
Help us preserve what is left
Make your move.

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