Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Modern noise

Most modern humans operate on about 35 - 40% of their energy potential.

Is this true?

Yes although not widely known.


Obviously a combination of factors, unique to each individual.

Some though are common to all.

Just taking one.

Sensory overload.

Constant bombarding of the senses

Visually, audibly and emotionally.

Much is unavoidable for those living in towns or cities.

That is most of us.

We can though train ourselves to cut out a lot of it.

In particular by not allowing radio, tv, music and dj's to be in our ears all the time.

Ever thought why you do this?

For many or even most it is so that they do not have to listen to their minds.

To the fears and stressful ideas that come in if they do not have some noise distracting them all the time.

There is a choice though.

The first step is to acknowledge that this is so.

Test this out

It's easy.

Turn off the devices and see what comes into your head.

What ideas, sounds thoughts

If they tend to be worrying thoughts.

Then yes you have a problem.

A problem to know how to stop or change this.

Because it is possible to live without.

And much more enjoyable.

So start with the first step.
Check out what comes into your mind when you stop sensory overload.
Then be clear whether or not the major stressful thought can be dealt with.
If yes then do so.
If no then banish, yes push it out until you can take action.
Take control of yourself
Then you are taking back some of that 35 - 40% energy loss.

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