Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So sensitive

Notices every slight

Every nuance

Every slight inflection

And where has this got you?

In a worse mess than before.

How can you feel good if all your energy is searching out real or imagined criticism?

Start looking at yourself and let others be.

Learn to like yourself.

You are what your thoughts have made you

Literally you are the creation of your own thoughts.

And tomorrow you will be the product of your thoughts today.

So can you see why your thoughts are so important?

Let others get on with their own lives

Do not worry about what they think or say.

Worry about your own thoughts.

Make them nice.

Learn to love

Learn to be loving

Learn to think thoughts free of judgement

Learn to have only nice thoughts.

Learn to wonder at the beauty of our world

Change yourself and you change your world.


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Anonymous said...

Love it!!!