Friday, March 02, 2007


That feeling of tightness and tension

Comes from fear.

Whatever the fear

Stop when you feel the tightness and breath deeply.

Look in front of you see what is there, really see.
Smile, yes smiling changes the tension.

Then look at the cause of the tension.

If you can do something about it fine do it.

If you cannot then change focus move your mind onto something else.
Something external
Something involving
Something requiring your full attention

Later look again.

Make decisions on what to do.

Do it.


Queenie said...

Strange, I feel you know my day ahead of me. Along with Thought For Today, 14u has become my daily fix. Thank you.

Antony said...

The blog just evolves as it will, sometimes writing one for the day on the day and sometimes taking one from others stored on my machine for when travelling or working.

Moon eclipse for sure is written after seeing the amazing eclipse