Sunday, March 04, 2007

Moon eclipse

Did you see it?

Amazing something one can see only a few times in a lifetime

No cloud in the sky

Clear starry night

Slowly the moon gets covered by this dark shadow

Finally we are looking at a dark reddish moon

And how many of us bothered to get out of our chairs?

Or did we just go OK while watching the news?

One of the wonders of our world

Our companion

Without the moon so many things would be different

The tides

Women's cycles

Violence in patients

And agriculture amongst others

And so on, and how many of us know that one day it will be gone

Not now, not for millions of years

But in one of our future lives it will be gone

Yes gone

Then we will miss it because we take it for granted

Like an old friend
So familiar that we hardly notice

Until he is gone

Hope you saw it

1 comment:

Queenie said...

I was there for most of the night. Some people passing gave me strange looks, others ask what I was doing. Throughout the night i had gathered quite a crowd. Disappointed with my photos, but the memory is clear.....