Monday, March 05, 2007

And you?

A half truth is a whole lie.

Whatever you might tell yourself.

A lie is a lie.

Whatever the rationalisation.

So better not lie they catch up with you.

Why is lying an issue?

Because it is what sets us on the road downwards

Away from our own innate morality

You know when you have done wrong

Inside you know

When you quash this inside voice you stifle something else, your conscience

When you do that you remove your central integrity

And this is central to who we are for ourselves

How can you feel good when you know that you lie?

No peace of mind can be yours when you sold it for a lie

Yes these seemingly little things are central to who we are.

To ourselves mainly because we may con the outside world for a while

But lies have a habit of coming out.

And you?


Queenie said...

My mother said, that first a little lie is said, and then a tangeled web we weave. A wise woman, a credit to her four daughters. She told us she could forgive us anything, but not a lie. I told my son the same, a good standard to mantain in life....

Antony said...

Most things start out small!