Sunday, April 08, 2007


Of reailty is perception
Might not be totally accurate

It's just an order of magnitude

It is saying that a high percentage of what we perceive is just a perception

Meaning it may not and probably is not accurate

Is not the truth

All of us have been indoctrinated since we were young

By our parents




In fact just about everybody has given their twist to whatever we have been taught or exposed to.

Our level of consciousness means that we will continue to be vulnerable to distortions until we learn to search for the truth of things

Yes there is truth

At our level it might be a relative truth

However we can find truth

So how does this affect you?

Simple a lot of what you perceive is just a perception

if you want peace of mind then know this

Peace of mind is not possible if you are living a lie

If you are living in a lie

Choose to learn what is true and what is not

The easiest approach is to look at any situation from a moral standpoint

Does this harm someone?

Is this good or evil?

Is this right?

Find the truth of things, it might be hidden but it is always there.

Learning the truth might not be pleasant or easy

You might even have to disagree

To state your position

Doing this though will bring more peace of mind than being uneasy with something that does not feel right.

Time we all searched for truth

Enough of lies

Enough of evil

Be your own person with your own views.

Better still live in the truth.
Learn to understand that 9/10ths of what we think is reality is just perception
Change this for yourself
Live in truth

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