Monday, April 09, 2007


Need not be just between two people

Although certainly those who are close to each other can be more aware of each others thoughts

Collectively we feel messages or more accurately thought forms

This is why sometimes in cities or other communities everyone seems nervous or irritable at the same time.

The whole community is picking up the same thought form.
Sometimes even globally

Check how others feel when you have an iffy day

Often you will surprised how many others are also experiencing the same.

Back to telepathy.

Notice birds



How they can move as one?

And us?

Why not?

Start learning about thought forms

How you can relay to others your feelings

Ideas even

This requires you to develop your senses

Your sensitivity

Start today, choose to become more sensitive.
Women can approach this more easily than men
Gays even
Develop this skill it is innate in all of us.
Millions of years ago we all used telepathy as a major way to communicate with each other.
Yes really

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