Monday, April 23, 2007

Divorce pressure

The culture you live in exerts a strong influence on you and your choices.

In most societies the older generation tend to be more conservative and this is always more so where the education level is not so high.

Divorce in some societies is considered a bad thing whatever the situation and in such societies pressure is brought to bear

Older women often live by old rules, which today have little to do with modern reality and are more about what other people might think about "them" rather than the couple involved

What other people might think is sadly more important to many than the issues involved in the marriage

In other words their comments or position is not about what is best for the daughter or son but more about what other people might think or say

In such a situation for you can continue as you are accepting the pressure or advice not to divorce

If you allow others to dictate your decision then this is a choice you make

Be aware though your life is yours to decide

It might appear that you have no choice however there are always choices

Decide for yourself if you are going to accept pressure

Pressure that can ruin your life

Your call

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