Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reality check

Reality is something that many of us assume is what we observe and experience

Not so

Check this out

Ask any friend of the opposite sex to walk down a street with you

At the end of the street ask them what they saw

Subtle and big differences will be observed

Differing realities

And that is only regarding physical objects

Take any news cast and ask them what they heard and saw

Ask them what they think about it

Again many differences

Different realities

We live in a society that likes to pretend that we can all understand things in the same way

We look a the same pictures, scenes, and so on

However this is not the same as having the same experience

True reality is deeper

It is not something that we all share

We have differing realities

So what is true reality?

It is something that we can only experience once we know ourselves

Once we are able to know the truth about ourselves

Then we can know the truth about reality

True reality is known to few of us

Determine to move towards true reality it is so much more powerful than illusion


Anonymous said...

To me the challenge is to be so courageous and honest to get to know who one is, as I find this hard in my daily life. Fear needs to diminish, otherwise no chance of really knowing oneself, for the ugly sides are hard to see, yet only if you see you can change.

Antony said...