Wednesday, April 11, 2007


No one prepares us for people dying

Not in our modern world anyway

Funny really because it is hard to watch any TV film, news, video game anything really without seeing death
Lots of death
Every day on most channels death, murder, killing day in day out

Never in history has so much death been thrown at us

Yet when real life death comes our way we are somehow unprepared

Not knowing how to handle it

If the idea of death is a finality for you

A black hole

The end

Finita la musica

All over

Then yes this is tough

If on the other hand you believe in reincarnation as over half the world do then death is different

A transition

A movement from one state to another

Rest and assimilation before another life

So take time to understand what death is for you

Not what your parents believe

Not what your friends say

Not what the church says

Examine this inevitable occurrence for your self

We are all going there

So are all your friends

All your family

So it's worth understanding what this is for you
Because then your handling of the death of someone you know will be easier.
Not just shock
Raw emotion
Understand death for yourself

Death is one of the few certainty's about life.


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Queenie said...

Death and tax, don't they say are two of the things you can be sure of in life?

Antony said...

Thank you it is a good discipline for me........and interesting to provoke.