Thursday, April 12, 2007

Night people

All of us stay up late sometimes

Special feeling

However night people are different

Sleeping in the day

Getting up at the end of the afternoon

Starting their day as others come home

Eating breakfast in the afternoon

Off to work

Quieter work place day people gone home

Unless you work in the entertainment business

Then it's the world of co-workers serving the public

Maybe it's guarding something

Maybe in sorting stuff for the day people

Whatever it is

A feeling of the world sleeping, being in a different space

Aware that the city sleeps

Easy driving, moving around

People who have chosen or accepted like you to live at night

Being quieter

Less pushing and shoving

Finishing work going home nothing much stirring or maybe things are waking up

Time to eat something unwind with TV

Going to bed, feeling nicely tired

Let the day people look after things for a while

Yes night people are different

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