Friday, April 13, 2007

Slaking your thirst

With sex

With drugs of choice

With virtual thrills

With power games

All common pastimes in our fast moving world

And all gratify our physical senses

Just that and no more

Meaning that the thirst must return again and again

Over time the pleasures wear off

The effort hardly seems worth it.

Nothing really does it for you anymore

Many keep on because they have nothing else to look forward to.

Just the physical pleasures

For those that look further there are other options

Options that do not wear off with time

Do not get repetitive

They are those that take us from the physical to the mental and beyond mind

Bored with sex?

Drunk enough?

Snorted too much?

Try moving on.

Throughout history a minority of men and women have moved on

And you?

Are you going to move on?

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