Sunday, August 05, 2007


Is strong in us

A bad day and soon after we have forgotten it

Arguments, disagreements the same

Humans would be hard put to remember all the difficult times they have experienced in their lives

Lives that carry lots of pain

Humans experience plenty of pain one way and another

Through pain we learn and grow

Not easy so we block it whenever we can

Think a minute what pains do you remember without difficulty?

These are the one's that need remembering because they will not go away

So usually there is work to be done surrounding this experience

Look at it and try to find how you see it today compared with at the time

Has this changed?

Is your memory still the same

Often we can find that our understanding was not too objective

This is the lesson of pain often we see the event or situation through eyes that are not too objective

Revisit your major pains and see what you can learn from them

Simply stated this can help us grow by understanding things in a new way

If we choose not to learn then be warned nature will visit you with a similar experience again

Amnesia can shield us but is not always helpful.

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