Saturday, August 04, 2007

You are

The parent of yourself


What you were in your last life has shaped what you are now

What you failed to learn in your last life must now be attempted again in this life

And other lives too if necessary

What you succeeded in learning in your last life is now incorporated in you and does not need to be learnt again it is part of you

It is the larger wiser you

The you that is immortal

Your higher self if you prefer

Your spirit

And so it goes on through countless lives

Stumbling along

Until one life we begin to understand why we are here

We then determine to move on because it is the only way forward out of illusion

To work consciously to rid ourselves of our fears and weaknesses

To help others

To become less selfish and more altruistic

We realise for the first time that yes those cliches and sayings and myths are not just some old nonsense

They are clear and valid instructions

They work

They are how we must behave

Because you are what you yourself create

So having mean violent thoughts will produce a mean violent reaction from nature

We now understand consciously for the first time that we are literally what we think and do

Can you understand that many thousands of lives have brought you to this point?

You are the only one who can change this

No one else only you

No money

No power on the planet or off it

Can do this for you

You alone are responsible for what happens to you

You, not your parents

Not your partner

Not your children


You are your past, present and future

You alone are

And you what is you?

Your spirit, your higher spirit

Only this

Only this remains from all those lives

Nothing else

This is you.

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