Friday, August 03, 2007

Holding tension

Is not such a great idea

However in this best of all possible world's most of us find ourselves doing so

Modern life makes tension almost unavoidable

Modern cynicism pushes most into tension

At the risk of being boring there is nothing much more useful than learning to deal with stress, tension call it what you will

Several easily articulated steps

Years of challenging work

Most will not even try

Some might try, most will fail


Because that's the way we are

All shapes and sizes

So for those who want to try

First the reason

Without controlling the mind there is no chance of evolving your consciousness

Evolving consciousness is the key to moving ahead, unlocking nature's secrets

Second the work

Find your fears

Get them out, dissipate their hold over you

Learn to meditate it is the only known approach to controlling the mind that really works

Learn vipassana meditation, go on a course a retreat

Practice day in day out, no cheating, no missing out days


Because you need to convince your mind that you are serious when you ask it to shut up and be quiet

If you do this then one day, a long time from now probably you will begin to experience success

If you do then tension will recede in your life

You will begin to understand truly why you are here and what it is all about

No one can tell you only you can find it out for yourself


Because that's the way nature made the rules

No favours, no exceptions, no cheats, just those who are prepared to look for themselves

What we are talking about takes many many lives and is the only way out......... literally

So if you want to grow then this is what you do
If not then life after life of frustration and tension are yours because nature does not change her rules for anyone.

Choose wisely it's your choice.

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