Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Is the major holiday month in the Northern hemisphere

The month when airlines, hotels and others charge sky high prices

When parents and children meet each other

Overcrowding, waiting on line everywhere

Drinking, eating, dancing, drugs, casinos, beaches, parties, night clubs

You name it

Having fun letting off steam

And while in the Northern hemisphere we are doing this

Buddhists everywhere are staying in their ashrams

Not going out


Because August is considered the worst month of the year for dangerous or bad energies

Insects and snakes are very active

A time when Planet Earth is crossing an area in its orbit where there are usually more shooting stars and meteorites

Throughout recorded history Buddhists have known this

Two worlds oblivious of each other

All of us with our own set ways oblivious of each other

Has it ever been thus?


Anonymous said...

I think not

Antony said...

And your view is?