Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moving on

From disappointment can be difficult

The mind just does not want to leave go

Endlessly turning around and around on the same points

Sometimes people never come out of this

Sometimes they allow the disappointment to be the focal point of their lives

For the rest of their lives this one disappointment is their story

Do not let this happen to you

Be clear only you can change this

No one else

No toys no distractions can do this

Only you understanding that you chose to finish this pain

And only by controlling your mind

By deliberately keeping busy

Building little successes into every day

Being tired out so that you have no energy or opportunity to dwell on your pain

Yes it is hard work

And yes it takes time

And yes it is over, finished because you chose to let it go

No easy answer exists for pain and disappointment they are part of the human experience

Yes a normal human condition

It is how we grow and learn

Not nice?

No but then who ever said that human experience or life is nice?

Life is both pain and happiness

We find happiness through learning to handle our pains

Learning to balance ourselves

Learning to let go

Just chose to move on.

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Anonymous said...

thanks - I needed to read this...