Friday, August 24, 2007

Food shopping

Is something most of us do in supermarkets or hypermarkets today

Convenience of parking and shopping

All under one roof


Do you ever change brands?

Hope so because there are some products where it is helpful to do so

Like shampoo, because our hair benefits from a change once in a while

Bread, moving from whole grain or brown to German or Scandinavian is no bad thing once in a while.

Most serious though is the amount of sugar, salt and soya in so many products

Try if you can to avoid genetically modified soya because no one yet knows the long term effects

Pseudo science might argue that it is safe however no one can say this yet

No one knows

So try to reduce your salt, sugar and soya intakes

Notice how hard it is to read labels when so many ingredients hide under numbers and letters.

Not a bad exercise to read about what you are eating

Inform yourself if you can

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