Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Like life

Help others
Want to feel good?

Then do things for others without thought for yourself

Get in the habit of doing things that bring pleasure to others

Not for the reward

Not for the acclaim
But because you know this to be right

Morality sounds old fashioned in a greedy, selfish, material world

Wrong let those who are greedy be

Let your selfish friends be

Let everyone get on with their own thing

You live inside yourself 24/7

Respect yourself

Live by moral values

Yes morality is important

Don't believe me?

Look at older greedy people

Alone with their riches but oh so poor

Their faces tell what a life of greed brings

Plastic surgery cannot hide the empty eyes

As John Lennon said "you cannot hide when you are crippled inside"

Determine to live your life with respect for yourself and others

Like life
Like yourself

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