Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Are more important than actions

In creating karma
And karma is what rules in our solar system

The thoughts we have create our karma

Your karma determines how you experience life

So your thoughts are more important than you thought

And who can say that they do not have negative thoughts?

Angry thoughts perhaps, greedy thoughts, unworthy thoughts

All of us need to be clear that our thoughts create our future

So presuming that you would like more peace of mind rather than less in the future

Time to clean up your thoughts

Start by noticing how little you control your thoughts

Notice how thoughts come in and out of your head all day long

Most are random, unsolicited uncalled for

Start monitoring them become more aware how your thoughts are

Then start the the very difficult job of stopping the unworthy, unpleasant ones

This will keep you busy for the rest of this life and maybe some others too

Unpleasant thoughts indicate that you need to look at your ideas about life

Your understanding of yourself, your values, your sense of right and wrong

If you have fair values then less unpleasant thoughts will come your way

If however you are jealous, envious, greedy, self pitying then watch out karma will test you over and over

No one beats karma it is the ultimate law in this Universe, the source, origin, fount of all other laws

Accept we are here to grow to learn

Time to start sorting your thoughts
Time to start controlling your thoughts
Thoughts are so much more important than most realise

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