Tuesday, August 21, 2007


In ones life that just stay forever

The first kiss when falling in love
That timeless moment
Even when the relationship fades that memory lingers on

Something about it defies most other experiences
It changed our life

What else stays in your memory?

An illness, a birthday, some special day

And this out of your whole life

We often think we have lots and lots of memories


Name twenty good and bad ones now quickly without effort

Did you?
Bet you could not!

So out of a whole life of x years you have limited memories

Is this good or bad
Probably neither

It does though help you see that the memories per se are not the important thing

The important thing is that the sum total of all the moments in your life has brought you to where you are today

Without any single one of them you would not be the same person

For good or bad you are the sum total of all your experiences
So the real point is that moments add to who and what we are
They shape our lives, inform our choices, influence our thoughts
So be open to moments they are more important in many ways than our memories.
The moment shapes while the memory reminds

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