Monday, August 20, 2007


Ever thought how it is written?

Usually it is written by the victor, the winner

Years later someone might say no it was not like that

By then millions have absorbed the idea that it was like the victor said

Interesting that today with instant global communications the victors version is being challenged more frequently

Iraq, Darfur, North Korea and others

Notice the old style of stifling the other point of view still continues

In 2007 Russia has banned the BBC and controls what the Russian media can say

Other regimes like Iran, Lybia, Egypt do the same to greater and lesser degrees

However it is becoming more and more difficult to write your version of history without being challenged

Quickly the liars have learned that whenever anyone challenges them this can be countered with more distortions or lies

Welcome to our world

A world filled with competing histories

History usually becomes clearer after some time has passed though

Objective consideration of events can help us

However lies can last for millenia

So what is history but a version of something from a particular point of view?

As society changes so does history

The point of view and perspective has shifted

Be careful with history it can fool you

A step beyond lies the truth, relative it might be, truth nevertheless

Slowly history can merge into truth as more pieces and understanding are added

Over time history can become truth

Most modern history has yet to make this step being still mired in politics and distortions

So give some thought to the stories you are told

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