Sunday, August 19, 2007

Clear sight

Is for sure more pleasant than continual confusion

So why do so many people stay confused?

For so long
For so much of their lives
Stay in problem situations
Stay stuck

Answer they have fear

Usually they feel that the moves they can see will bring more pain or unhappiness
More misery than they are now experiencing

Sadly for most this is true


Because their vision is faulty

If you cannot see clearly then for sure the options often look worse than staying where you are

And why is this?

Because we all have perceptions, our lives are perceptions

If your perceptions of life are faulty then obviously your life is too

To change this go to simple basics

Check with friends to see if what you see is what they see
Check with others who know you
Often we are not honest with ourselves

We tell ourselves these stories

Make the choice to find the truth

Once you have done this then take action to get your life back
Move on, let the story and fear end
Move into new areas
Be busy, be energetic

Clear sight is preferable to fear any day even if it brings pain because it allows you to move on

A life with no movement is a life dying

Choose clarity, it's your life


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