Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why doesn't he change?

Or why doesn't she change?

Answer why should they?

So many times we feel that life would be better if only our partner changed

Most partners have difficult or odd habits

Actually so do you

This is the real world and one where your partner is quite happy with that habit

If they are not then they would have changed it
They haven't so be clear they are fine with whatever it is you dislike
You might feel it is best for them if they changed
But why should they change?

The old cliche is also appropriate here

If you want to change the world then change yourself
Slightly modified that could be

If you want to change your partner then change yourself first
Yes it works
Yes it is true

So if you feel your partner should change whatever habit it is that annoys you

Then you change first

Change your own habits

And if you do not want to because you are happy with yours then why should they?

Your call.

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