Friday, August 31, 2007


As the new religion

Makes a lot of sense

Keep everyone feeling bad about the planet, environment, society whatever

Means that people pay less attention to other things

Throw in terrorism for good measure

Now even the most moronic politician can look good

Then tax away and nobody notices

Or do they?

Can it be that people are beginning to notice

Taxes have been rising relentlessly in most countries

Nothing is free everything must now be paid for.

Maybe people are finally noticing

Are you noticing that guilt is a driving force?

Who put it there?

Pay attention and let the guilt go

Just be the best you can every day

That's all

Leave the guilt out.

We do not need to have guilt

Feel good about life and yourself
Stop watching, listening and reading guilt inspiring media.

You will feel better if you leave it out

You can also be more objective about what is going on around you

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