Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dumbing down

Is clear in many fields of modern life

Hollywood and others understand that formula products work
Producing an endless stream of forgettable garbage
Simple plots filled with sex, violence and vulgarity
In fact in many media today it is difficult to find any programs that have merit except from their successful appeal to the lowest common denominator

Along the way core values have become blurred or lost

Values such as honesty, trust, respect, courage, love, wisdom, generosity, kindness, enthusiasm are often totally lacking
Powerful lobby groups spin and distort any protest against this situation

Arguing that their programs have no negative effect
They lie

We lie to ourselves

We feel impotent to influence this situation

On a global scale this is surely true

On a local scale this does not have to be true

It depends on you and your own values

If you have strong positive core values and follow them in your daily life

If you do not support or help reward rubbish media

Then over time this must impact

How and when might not be clear today

But then it does not really matter as the reason you follow worthwhile values is because they are right for you

Commercial logic dictates that dumbing down must continue until the saturation point is reached
In some fields we are already there
Boredom is beginning to set in
Your values and behaviour can impact
Do not dumb down your own life
Live by clear and correct core values
Who knows what influence you can have.

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