Wednesday, August 29, 2007


MP3's and other music devices transport us into our own world away from those around us

So does TV whether as background or as an absorbing medium

PlayStation's, Xboxes, Gameboys do so too

Magazines, newspapers, online services they take us away as well

Away from what?

Each other usually but mainly from our minds

Our minds boss us from morning to night

Seldom do we stop to ask is this normal?

Is this how it has to be?

Is there another way?

Answer no it is only normal in the modern world

No it does not have to be this way

Life with a mind under control is very different

It is one where peace of mind is not just an expression but a reality

Not easy to obtain in fact it is the hardest thing you can do

But then all the world's great teachers have pointed out that the big fight is with ourselves

The fight to subdue our own selves this is the difficult one

So start today by noticing how often you have negative thoughts about anything

Notice consciously when negative thoughts come to you

Ask why?

Do this until you can catch all the negative thoughts coming in from your mind

Yes coming into your consciousness from your mind

Notice how many are not yours

They just spring up

The thought is just there

Question who or what is controlling these thoughts?

Now consider do I want to continue this way for the rest of my life?

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