Sunday, August 12, 2007

What creates karma?

Karma is created by the thoughts we have

Karmically thoughts are primary, acts are secondary

Every thought we have creates consequences

Some good some bad

It depends on your deep feelings about life

If you are an angry person then your thoughts will be influenced by this anger

Thereby creating negative karma

If you are a loving person who thinks good of everyone and everything then your thoughts are more likely to be loving or positive thereby creating positive karma

So our thoughts are so much more important than we realise

Every single one of them

Because karma must be paid to the smallest detail

If not now then in the future

Once we realise that the karma we create literally determines what we experience

What creates our so called good or bad luck

Then we can understand why getting rid of nasty, angry, jealous, violent or otherwise unpleasant thoughts is literally critical to our well being

There is no avoiding karma

Karma is what determines our experience of life now

Our thoughts are what determine our life to come

Now you can see why what you think is so powerful

Thoughts create karma.

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