Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Notice your own asymmetry

Yours eyes are different

The two sides of your face are asymmetric

As are the two sides of your body

And so it goes on

Then see what we call beauty in some cultures like America where symmetry is prized

While in others like France and Italy asymmetry is most prized

Most modern products are symmetrical

Most hand made products are not

Now think how has this influenced your life?

Has it and if so how?

Maybe with things you buy

Maybe in how you feel about yourself

If this is so then time to understand that how you feel about yourself can change how you look

Feeling happy about yourself will certainly result in your features becoming more symmetrical
And when your features are fine by you then life improves.

We all feel better when we like how we look .

Asymmetry helps us to understand where we are in life with ourselves

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