Saturday, September 22, 2007


Is a small island

A pretty island

One with the ongoing problems of being divided into Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot halves
Most people other than the politicians would like it reunited

This means it will not be until some unknown time in the future

Living on an island is always different

The psychology of an island is different from a land nation

Rather like isolated towns it is a good idea to get out once in a while to feel different energy

If you come from other places then note that islands can feel lonely places if you are on your own

Nowhere to drive except round and round, which even if it is a bigger island is still an island

Island people also tend to be conservative, their cultural values often being behind those of their fellow citizens from the mainland

Fortunately or not tourists bring different values to Cyprus

So does membership of the EU

The Greek Cypriot part of Cyprus to its surprise will find many unexpected changes arriving with its EU membership

Not all to its liking

Cyprus and other islands bring a different appreciation of the sea

A respect for the enormity of our planet's oceans and water

Take time to feel this for yourself

Visit Cyprus and feel it's energy

Cyprus, just a small island in an interesting neighbourhood

A different pace of life

It's people evolving divided yet to be one again one day maybe


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