Thursday, September 20, 2007


are little creatures who for little understood reasons from time to time all follow each other into oblivion
Humans sometimes do this too

Although we do not like to think of ourselves as lemming like

Some of our behaviour today can be described as lemming like

Lying on beaches for hours and hours when we have been told of the dangers of doing so

Using mobile phones for long periods of time when again it is unlikely that passing an electrical current through our heads does much good

Eating large amounts of sugar, salt and other foods we know to be bad for us

And so it goes on

Why do we do this?

Could it be that we lazily do what others do until disaster arrives?

We can see this with smoking

Until not so many years ago this was cool, socially fine

Now most media condemn

Laws come in forbidding smoking

Many stop smoking, some carry on

Let see in a few years time how many smoke

The above are just the physical dangers

What about the mental ones?

The ones that we often accept without challenge

Like government knows best when so much evidence shows this to be nonsense

That life is getting better

That we should not trust each other

That life is only about material success

That swallowing pills is the way to solve health problems

That people from country x are bad and from country y are fine

Country x is fine and country y is evil

Our country is of course on the side of the angels

Slowly as more people travel most see the absurdity of so much talk

Globalisation of everything knows no borders so slowly but surely we have to cooperate

Slowly the divisions that have blighted mankind's progress are being brought into the open

Open yourself to others and their points of view

We do not have to be lemming like

Open your eyes

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