Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Virus found

Dreaded words as every computer user knows

What to do?

Fix it if you know how otherwise take it along to your local computer shop

Leave it for some time

Pay some money and take it home again

And in the time your machine is being fixed you get a sudden insight as to how you spend your time

Guess what over the last five years you have become, if not addicted, then at least more involved with the net and online activities

Nothing bad in this however a good time to note where your priorities have changed

Is this how you really want to allocate your time

Time that has changed for all of us over the last few years

Time that never seems enough

Time that should be so valuable because we have so little
So when your machine comes back again make sure you now back up all those things you meant to back up before your machine crashed

Yes really back things up now.

And your life how is that backed up?

Can you handle a crash in that too?

Because we all have one or two in our lives and they seldom come when we are ready.

Worth having a back up scenario in a human virus situation too
A Plan B if you prefer.

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