Friday, September 07, 2007

Love is inside

It was also the first impulse of life in this solar system

But here on Planet Earth love is often lacking

Many have no direct experience of love
It is not part of their lives
Lives of scurrying through each day
Lives spent wishing for love

Wanting for it to come into their lives

It might but is unlikely until you understand that love is in you

It is not outside

It is in you

If you cannot open to love then it might be a long wait before it finds you

Check it out

What do you love?

Actively consciously
Effortlessly, spontaneously

If you do not love every day then time to ask yourself what is going on.

Oh and if your love is conditional then be advised this is not love
It is just a transaction

There is only ever truly unconditional love

The starting point is love for ourselves warts and all

Do you, can you love yourself?

Waste no time, look inside let go of those fears, no one is perfect and if they were they would not be here

Find love in yourself, for yourself
How can you love another if you cannot love yourself?.

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