Saturday, September 08, 2007

Magic in the Christian Church

Ever thought that church rituals

Are the antitypes of occult ceremonies?

You cannot light a taper, or illuminate an altar with circles of wax lights without repeating the rites of magic

What is the modern altar with vertical burning candles, but the modern mimicry of the original magic monolith with the Baal fires upon it?

Don't you know that by doing so you are following right in the footsteps of the ancient fire worshippers, the Persian Heathen Ghebers

And the Pope's sparkling mitre, what is it but the direct descendant of the Mithraic Sacrifice, symbolical covering invented for the heads of the high priests of this very Occultism in Chaldaea.

Having passed through numerous transformations it now rests upon the venerable head of the successor of St Peter.

It is after all but the caricatured head-dress, the Amazon like helmet of Pallas Athene, the heaven goddess Minerva.

Indeed the Christian cross, which, in the most primitive symbol of Egyptian magic, represents the key to heaven
In fact there is scarcely a rite or ceremony of the Christian Church that does not descend from Occultism

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