Sunday, September 09, 2007

Heavy head

People are complaining about having head aches and feeling heavy headed

More than usual that is

This has been going on for many months now

It is not confined to any one geographical area

Question is this just you and me or do others feel the same?

Answer we cannot know as we do not have the resources to find out

Several factors could be involved such as change in axial tilt, slowing or reversing of the earth's magnetic field, solar energy increase and so on

Again hard to say if one or all of these have direct effects upon us

So what to do?

More than ever accept that change in many areas of our life is real

Learn to find the positive in things because without negative thoughts only exacerbate the situation

Pay attention to your life and what you do each day

Find time for yourself every day

Become more conscious that each day is precious

.Act as if it is.

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