Monday, September 10, 2007

Which Yin and Yang?

They look the same however only one is correct

Which one is it?

Most of us have no idea which is right and which is wrong

The yin yang symbol came to Korea and China many thousands of years ago
Symbolising the dual concepts of yin and yang – or the single concept yin-yang – describe two primal opposing but complementary principles or cosmic forces said to be found in all non-static objects and processes in the universe.
This paradoxical concept is the cornerstone of Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine.
Yīn is passive, dark, feminine, representing matter.
Yáng is light, masculine representing spirit.
Yin is often symbolized by water and air, while yang is symbolized by fire and earth.
Yin (dark) and yang (light) are descriptions of complementary opposites rather than absolutes.
Any yin/yang dichotomy can be viewed from another perspective. All forces in nature can be seen as having yin and yang states, and the two are in constant movement rather than held in absolute stasis.
As with anything else from times past yin and yang have been used to express many things
Some accurate others not

So for your knowledge

Of all the yin yang symbols shown above the last one is the correct one


Because it shows the ideas expressed correctly

The earth or matter represented by the black segment is thrusting upwards

The white or spiritual one is reaching downwards

And in each is a speck of the other

If you use this symbol use the correct one

Now you know!

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