Friday, September 28, 2007

Must do mode

Produces tension, pressure, undue focus, and seriousness amongst other effects.

Letting go of the must do mode of consciousness fixation is powerful.
The must do mode tells us we have to do the washing, call someone, run an errand, respond to an email to finally do some put off task

These are things that we finally, inevitably, unavoidably have to do.

However when we go into this must do mode things get tight, our minds move like automatons from one thing to another.

Have to get them done.

See nothing except the task at hand.

Have to get this done.

Only when something snaps you out of this state do you realise that you have been in it.

Stuck, deaf and blind to everything around you except the task at hand.

So how do we get out of this?

Pause, stop every so often walk around notice things around you..

Begin to be more conscious as to how you feel when you are doing things.

Is there tension or pressure?

If yes then this is a sure sign of being in the must do mode.

Do not try to stop it as this will most likely become worse
Observe when you are in it, be more conscious when you are under tension.

The more you notice it the more it will dissolve and go away.

Lighten up, be less serious
Learn to control your must do mode.

Take pleasure from these must do items and they become lighter less threatening
You can even begin to observe how you actually create the pressure by putting them off until they become must do items

Decide to organise your life to include doing must do items as they arise

Do not put them off.

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