Thursday, September 27, 2007

Burma and the rest

And the rest

So many countries ruled by thugs who only understand repression

At some point the people have to find a way

Outsiders might help but more usually than not change starts inside

In Burma there is no higher moral group than the Buddhist monks

Even the army thugs who run Burma have to think twice before murdering monks

They probably will though and then it comes down to the people

Will they find a way to help?

Will the army rank and file side with the monks?

Will China influence events?

So many imponderables only time will show

And us what can we do?

Be conscious

If you meditate then do so for them too

Be clear to anyone who asks that yes you do care

Our politicians will move as their people do

And Darfur?

Sad world but at least things are opening up a bit with the internet and mobile phones
Next we need more courage and honesty from the world's politicians
Exposure slowly exposes the real interests of the various groups
Who is buying Burma's resources?
Here lies the real leverage
Will China act?


Anonymous said...

I am with them in thoughts

Anonymous said...

Also time to investigate which multinationals co-operate ( read : support the junta and abuse the burmese people ) and boycot them.
Apparantly an insignificant act, but if worldwide adapted an underestimated power in itself.