Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where we are

Can matter or then again it does not have to

The difference is how we are not where we are

How we feel inside

How we are with life

How we relate to the outside world is a function of how we relate to ourselves

If we like ourselves then usually the outside world wherever we are is fine too

If we are unhappy then the outside world can be pretty miserable too

Simple observation

However as you live each day one by one how you experience them is critical to your well being

Feeling on top of your game makes life a fantastic experience

Being filled with fear or stress is pretty miserable

Where are you then?

Try to move into a space where life is fine and not just endless pressure

Money or the lack of it can be part of the difficulty

More important is how you see everything

How you feel wherever you are

Noticing beauty

Not the garbage

What do you see day to day?
Where are you?

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